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Radon Testing

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Airon Radon Systems has a licensed radon technician on staff that does radon testing in northern NJ.

Call today to set up an appointment: 908-637-8804 or use our online "Request an Appointment" form.


Test your home now!

Give us a call to order your test kit now.

Radon testing is easy and homeowner radon test kits can be purchased here for your own use to test your home for radon.(testing by a licensed technician is required for real estate sales).

Radon Test Kit

radon test kit Item Name: EPA-approved Radon Test-Kit
Item Price: $40.00
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Each radon test kit is good for testing up to 2000 sq.ft.
Give us a call to order your test kit now.

Radon Testing Options

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    Licensed Radon Technician On Staff

    Request an appointment today! Visit our "Appointment" Page.

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    DIY (Do it yourself) Option Available

    Purchase an EPA-Approved Test Kit here. We will review the instructions with you.

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    How to Test for Radon

    Choose a room that is used regularly, (but NOT the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or a hallway); Keep windows and doors shut in the tested room except for normal entry and exit. Avoid testing during high humidity, severe storms, or high winds; Place the radon test device at least 20 inches above the floor and follow the manufacturer's instructions to record starting and ending times. When the test is complete, reseal the package and return it to us or the lab for analysis.